Emilys video post on our Facebook Page.

Lots and lots of news to tell you about regarding our 1-2-1 Learn to ride attendees, Nathaniel, Emily, Joeanna and newcomers Esme & Lily.

Firstly, welcome to Esme and Lily who have started to use their Christmas Lesson Session Passes, given to them by their aunty Jenny. We are looking forward to helping them to improve their balance and riding skills.

Last week, Joeanna returned to Newcastle from her university Spring break and continued to learn skills ready to go out and about on the road. She now understands gears, how to perform an emergency stop and to keep her safe, how to look behind while maintaining control of her forward motion. You can view her progress Here on our Facebook Page. We’ll be testing her gear changing skills during the week with a ride out to a nearby country park.

Nathaniel, our competition winner, has been busy learning to ride up and down hills and how to brake safely using both his brakes. He’s now using Pedal Ready position to start his rides most of time. Mum, Helen, has told us he’s doing loads of practising during the week, riding to and from school most days and also going for long rides on Route 1 down at the coast near Blyth with mum, dad and new baby sister Francesca. Oh and before we forget, Happy Birthday Nathaniel !

Last but not least, Emily (pictured above) has also been learning to start her rides with the Pedal Ready position and to stop using both her brakes. Its exciting times for Emily as she’s got a new bike for her next lesson on Saturday. You can view Emily’s progress Here on our Facebook Page.

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