What’s New Wednesday (WNW)

A change in name for the “Week Commencing” activity posts, goodbye to Emily and Nathaniel, Facebook reviews, a progress report on Lily and Joeanna and back on the Bikeability trail.

Over the weekend we said our goodbye’s to Emily and Nathaniel. Both now can ride bikes, start and stop safely and control where they wish their bikes to go. Nathaniel went for a 3 mile bike ride with us around the bridleways close by as a little treat (not bad for a 4 year old wouldn’t you agree?). Emily brought her new bike to show us and have a final lesson to introduce her to gears.

As a side note, Emiliy’s mum - Pauline, left us a brilliant 5-star review over at our Facebook Page.

Highly recommended. Having just returned from our first family cycle ride round Wallington today, I can highly recommend Ian. We struggled to get our 6 year old daughter, Emily, to ride her bike and after lots of tears and tantrums over the past couple of years, we booked some lessons with Ian. The difference in Emily’s confidence can only be described as amazing. Today, she managed hill starts, used her brakes on downward slopes and even managed to change gears. Ian is fantastic with children - really engaging and helping to build their confidence by breaking riding a bike down into simple buildable steps. Emily’s dad couldn’t believe the difference in her ability since receiving the lessons. Looking forward to lots more family cycle days out. Thank you.

Thank you so much Pauline and we were glad we were able to help your family out.

Name change for activity posts.

We are renaming these type of activity posts to What’s New Wednesday (or WNW for short). “Week commencing”-type posts will be published, mid week, on a Wednesday from now on and they will be linked on our Facebook Page under the above label.

1-2-1 Learn to ride - progress report.

We spent a lesson with Lily on Saturday assessing how well she can ride and identified any improvements she needs to learn. We were very impressed by her riding style (well done Dad!). Looking forward to showing Lily some fun things she can do to make her even better next lesson!

We took Joeanna over to Gateshead Waterside Forest Country Park midweek to test her hill climbing and descending skills. It was a very cold and windy afternoon making conditions not at all favourable to climb parkland hills for a novice rider. Joeanna took the inclement weather in her stride and really impressed us. For someone who has been riding for less than 15 hours she really got stuck in and launched up some impressive ascents.

This week.

We recommence delivering Bikeability Balance Plus services on behalf of our 3rd-party client in Belford early in the week, see us back in Newcastle for a few 1-2-1 Adult Learn To Ride lessons with Joeanna mid week, and deliver static and dynamic balance/gross-motor instruction for a private client towards the end of the week.

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