Bikeability girl

What’s New Wednesday (WNW)

This week’s What’s New Wednesday see’s us back on the Bikeability trail, more new faces having 1-2-1LearnToRide instruction and you will discover how Lily and Joeanna are progressing.

Goodbye Lily.

Lily has had her final lesson over the weekend. She is really progressing fast and is a fantastic learner. She can now perform emergency stops, rides safely down descents and can look for other trail users behind her whilst continuing to ride her bike. Practise, practise, practise Lily and well done !

We look forward to seeing your younger sister Esme next, progressing her from a balance rider to pedal rider.

1-2-1 Learn to ride - progress report.

Hello to two new faces - Oliver and Georgie. Both are at a similar stage in their learning, attempting to glide. We are very much looking forward to see their progression over the coming lessons. Welcome to you both.

Joeanna is now learning on the roads around the east end of Newcastle. She has had an extra two double-lesson since we last reported on her progress. She is learning outcomes that are normally taught at Level 2 Bikeability, such as, starting and stopping a journey safely, passing side roads, U-turns and becoming familiar with the correct road positioning to safely navigate road junctions. Her last lesson also saw her riding for 6 miles along parts of NCR Route 72, gaining in confidence greatly.

3rd-party Bikeability delivery.

We are delivering Bikeability services on behalf of our 3rd-party client in Bedlington early in the week, This is a new primary school for us that we’ve never visited before - looking forward to our visit.

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