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ANNOUNCEMENT: We are very proud, honoured and incredibly excited to have been invited by Mowbray Primary School in Choppington, Northumberland to deliver cycling activities for all 38 weeks of the school year 21/22.

In the past few years we have delivered outdoor and indoor activities to Early Years and KS1 children assisting in the development of their gross motor skills via balance bike and learn to ride activities. We have also assisted staff in the delivery of their excellent after school bike club for KS2 including out of school day rides and learning activities. These services will be expanded and developed to include all ages utilising the schools excellent cycling facilities.

Mowbray Primary School are a great example of a local school embracing cycling into their core fitness and learning curriculum. Many pupils do not own their own cycles and yet a high percentage of the school can ride a bike thanks to Mowbray’s superb bike fleet, on-site bike track and supportive staff gaining a valuable life skill.

We can’t wait for September to come around.

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