Terms & Conditions

Take a moment to understand our joint responsibilities.

Lets dispense with the legal mumbo-jumbo

Most web pages describing Terms & Conditions (T's & C's) almost always receive little attention from the customer or are disregarded due to the fact that they contain verbose legal-ese. Here at Bone Desert Cycling we like to do things a little differently and make it simpler for both you and ourselves.

We expect to deliver to you value at all times. We do require and expect a few things from you too...


We expect you to pay for our services in advance (and in full) whether it is instruction or guiding prior to the dates agreed. Payment will be taken via paypal only and must be settled before a booking will be considered confirmed. Upon receipt of received funds we will issue you an invoice and a booking confirmation email.


If, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel the provision of our training or guiding services you will receive a refund in full or an alternative date mutually suitable to both parties. If you have to cancel attendance for whatever reason you will receive a refund in full so long as you give us at least 24 hours notice prior to the agreed start time. If you give notice of cancellation under 24 hours we reserve the right to withhold 50% of the booking fee, under 12 hours notice 100% of the booking fee.

Your bike

If you are using your own cycling equipment we insist that it is roadworthy and fit for purpose for the terrain proposed on the route. A high proportion of our guided rides are off-road. Our basic routes are generally suitable for families and non specialised bicycling equipment. All other levels of rides must be considered suitable for Mountain bikes only. As part of our guided ride service we will instruct you how to perform a basic safety check of your cycles called the M-Check. We reserve the right to refuse to take you out on the road or trail if we deem your equipment unsuitable or dangerous. It is your responsibility to carry adequate spares, such as puncture repair kits or spare inner tubes, necessary for your group.

You and your clothing

Northumberland's weather is changeable and change can be rapid. We advice that you take adequate clothing to keep you warm and dry. A backpack holding waterproofs, drinks, snacks and extra layers of clothing is also advisable - don't forget to include sun cream and a camera! You may wish to include gloves.

We insist that all riders wear a cycling helmet at all times when riding and children wear high visibility tabards. (We will provide child tabards for your group). Sensible footwear must be worn such as trainers, sporting footwear or walking shoes. Flipflops, high heeled shoes or slip-ons are not acceptable. We reserve the right to refuse to undertake cycling services with you if we deem your clothing or lack thereof will be a danger or risk to you or other members of the party.

Strictly no alcohol, no illegal drugs and no smoking during instruction or riding. Please take your litter home with you, do not leave it in the countryside.

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